GreenHouse Klasika

Price: 315.00 EUR

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Klasika - Lithuania complete and compact modern greenhouse. This is one of the strongest structure produced by greenhouses for amateur and professional gardening. 

The greenhouse structure is used in omega profile ensures the strength and quality of the materials used - longevity. Omega profile made ​​from German steel strip. Greenhouse KLASIKA frame made ​​of galvanized 1 mm. thick steel profiles, assembled M5 screws. The frame is so strong that you are able to do chin.


Greenhouse advantages:


Greenhouse coatings used in high-quality, UV resistant polycarbonate sheet from Austria. Polycarbonate provides a special greenhouse durability and impact resistance and hail.


Spends 82% of sunlight and breaks down the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Plants will be protected from frost (up to -5C) and direct from the harmful effects of the sun. Smooth distribution of heat in the greenhouse will accelerate their development and increase productivity.

Resistant at temperatures from -40°C to +120°C.

Polycarbonate is granted 10m. GUARANTEED.


CLASSICS greenhouses both ends to open the air vents.


CLASSICS greenhouses in length, depending on your needs, can be 4, 6, 8 meters and etc.


Size 6 m2.

Length 2,0 m.

Width 3 m.

Height 2,18 m.
Two doors and two vents on both ends.
Polycarbonat 4mm or 6mm.
* With a solid foundation and the mounting feet into the earth.

Price: 395eur, Sale price: 315eur. with 4mm polycarbonate.